Introduce the most popular Motorcycle Helmet types

Motorcyclist around the world must always take into consideration about their safety. It is always the first thing that a driver or a rider must keep in mind. When it comes to safety, a motorcycle driver or a rider must use the right helmet. Is it necessary to know what type of helmet is? Aside from the fact that a motorcycle helmet is necessary not only for safety, but also for following the rules and regulations on the road. It is indeed good to know about the types of motorcycle helmet.

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There are different types of motorcycle helmet and as a rider, it is a usual thing to learn about the different types of motorcycle helmets. There are even drivers and riders of motorcycles who collects different helmets of different brands and types. They usually have helmets on purpose and it depends sometimes on the condition of the weather. Everything is for the protection and comfortability of the driver or rider.

How to choose best motorcycle helmet? Have a look

One of the types of helmet is called the Full Face helmet. This type of helmet will cover your whole head that comes with a rear to cover the base of your skull, a section to protect your front chin and a face shield or visor for ventilation.

Another type of helmet is called the off-road or a motocross helmet. Here, the visor and the chin are elongated. A chin bar is not originally included, but because of modern types of motocross helmets, it is already included for protection.

A modular or a flip-up type of helmet is a combination of a full face helmet and an off-road or a motocross helmet. A modular helmet is designed specifically when you are in a closed position for your riding and added chin bar for convenience.

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The open face helmet or the ¾ helmet is designed simply to cover the ears, the cheeks and the back of your head. It usually comes with a face shield.

The last type is called half helmet or also called, the Shorty, TT or the Pudding Basin that is popular during the 1960s. It is an open type of helmet, but because of inferiority, it is already prohibited by the law.

If you are going to choose the type of motorcycle helmet to use, always consider your safety and protection. Wearing a helmet is the most important thing that a driver and a rider must take note. So, it is not simply about wearing it to follow the law, but to save your life.

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