Best compound bow sights Review

What is a bow sight?

A bow sight is an accessory or a gadget that is used as a sighting device. It is just a small instrument that you must mount on your bow. It has a small ring with points on it. The bow sight is attached to the riser of the bow. It will act as an aid for the user in aiming the arrow. Essentially, the bow sight will show you where the arrow is pointing at so you will be aware where you will strike the target at. A bow sight will be helpful, especially when you are shooting at a distance because you can achieve a more accurate shot.

Various Types of Bow Sights

You must also know the various types of bow sights available in the market. It will help you choose the best compound bow sights for your bow and your outdoor activities.

The Fixed Pin Bow Sight is actually the most common bow sight type that is usually chosen and most liked by bow hunters. It has 3 to 5 individual pins per sight. The distance is determined by the position of the pin. You may set these pins at a certain range. After setting the pin on the sight, it will be in that position.

A single pin bow sight or the moveable-pin bow sight comprises of just a single pin that a user may adjust, move and reset before making each shot. It makes use of a bracket system or levers in moving the housing of the bow sight into its position. It also contains a pointer that determines the distance in yards.

Next, is the Pendulum or the tree-stand bow sight that is good for tree-stand bow hunters. This bow sight allows the user to have a good shot at various elevations. It has a unique feature that helps the user when it comes to the downward angle.

Lastly, we have the 3D competition bow sights, which are designed for competition uses. It might be complex and expensive, but it will surely give you an accurate shot.

Best compound bow sights Review

Before choosing the best compound bow sight, you have to make sure that this bow sight is effective enough when it comes to a low light condition. You must also know how many pins you need for your bow sight.

The Trophy Ridge’s 5-Pin Bow Sight makes use of a smart pin technology that will result in a dead-center accuracy at different distances. This technology is called, the React because it will enable the sight pin to make a reaction to the sight. It also makes a precise prediction of the pin gap. With this sight, you can make an accurate 20 to 60 yard sight. It also has a feature called, less micro windage tool and an elevation adjustment. So, if you are going to lock at the pins at a distance, they will all fall into place. This bow sight makes use of a Ballistix CoPolymer System that is lighter than a strong aluminum. Its soft touch coating reduces the vibrations. It also has reversible mounting bracket for the anchor points and it also provides versatility because of the multiple mounting holes. Lastly, it has a Rheostat light that provides various levels of brightness for various light conditions.

Another considered as best compound bow sights are the 5-Pin Sight from the Field Logic IQ, which is one of the best options in the field of archery. What makes it unique is the Retina Lock Alignment Technology, which controls the form, the muscle memory and consistence that extends the effectiveness of your range. With this technology, the alignment will help the user aim a perfect shot. Of course, it has .019 fiber optic pins with a second adjustable axis. It also has a windage micro adjust know feature and constructed with a lightweight fiber polymer that makes the bow sight durable.

Those are the best options that you may consider when choosing the best compound bow sights to use for your archery or bow hunting activity. This review and the facts or information given will be an aid for the users to choose the right compound bow sight. May these serve as a guide for many archers and hunters out there.

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