Top cheap Ukulele 2016

This article will help buyers get a good look and grip on what is good to purchase for a really tight budget. If you are hunting for a cheap ukulele you came to the right page. I have listed down below the cheap but good ukulele that will help you steer away from the junk kinds.

Cheap Ukulele on the Market

First on the list are the Toy Ukuleles. These ukuleles are the cheapest kind you can find and you can even purchase it online for a small price ranging from $15 to $20. They are really just toys which are poorly built. This best cheap ukulele review don’t give a good sound at all. It is pretty much not suitable for playing or making music. They are just like basic toys that you give to small kids. To sum it up, it has a really poor tone, with uneven frets, really bad neck and uses low quality strings.

Cheap Ukulele

Personally, I would not even recommend this ukulele for kids because it is a waste of money. By simply adding a few more dollars, you can get a better ukulele that really plays actual music. Also by simply giving your child a much better instrument can help foster or incline your child to learn or even be interested in music.

Now let’s go back to the Toy Ukes, actually some of these toy ukeleles are not cheap at all– cause some are covered or plastered with popular cartoon character images like Spongebob, Dora etc. It just makes them more expensive but not any better, that I can promise you.

Next is the Mahalo Ukuleles. For the price of near $25 this ukulele is a much better choice than the Toy ukulele. I recommend that you buy the Mahalo U-30 ukulele series because it is the best ukes in this price range. For that price, it is an OK kind of ukulele but the strings that comes from these ukes are have a really bad quality. The strings are just too thin and I strongly recommend that you change the strings with Aquilas. Restringing it will give it a much better sound and improved tone remarkably. One of the most frequent problems encountered with this type of ukes is the intonation. To make is simpler, as you move your fingers towards the neck, the sound will deviate from the ideal pitch. Or it will may either sound flat or sharp if you are trying to play as you go closer from the soundhole. For its price, it is a pretty reasonable ukulele if you are just giving it to young kids or just for playing along to the beach but not for serious playing.

Mahalo Ukuleles

It should be noted that these are soprano models which is the smallest in its class and is a bit hard to play if you have big fingers. It is much suited for people with tiny fingers for kids.

The 3rd one is the Makala Ukuleles. This is a ukulele made by the brand Kala. It is a budget kind of Ukulele that ranges from around $65 for the Concert type and about $50 for the Soprano.

Kala ukuleles are popular brand and they made solid ukulele with high quality. Their Makala line is known for its high level. The cost difference chiefly comes from its cheaper components and materials, but the quality and playablity of the ukes of Makala is just a little below than the ordinary Kala kind.

The body of the Makala line is made of agathis while the standard Kala is made of mahogany which is a little cheaper and not as desirable. Also, instead of using the high end Aquila Nylgut strings, the Kala ukulele only uses generic black nylon.


I strongly recommend that Makala is the best choice if you don’t want to spend a lot for a ukulele most especially for a beginner and you just want to learn the basic .

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