Toddler travel bed inflatable

Definition of a toddler travel bed:

These are portable mattress that can give your kids a sound sleep or nap during travel. May it be just a road trip, camping, fishing, or just visiting a relative, these convenient mattress will help your kids have a comfortable sleeping area. Sleep has always been a primary factor for strength and good health of our kids, that is why for travelling parents, one must always have a toddler travel bed handy. There are many portable travel beds available in the market but I am going to focus in this guide one of the most popular type which is the inflatable travel bed.

toddler travel bed inflatable

Inflatable travel beds are quite popular because they are light weight, very easy to set up and store. Most of the inflatable beds comes with free air pump (hand or electric), have a repair kit and a storage bag for easy carriage.

  • The Shrunks Inflatable Toddler bed

This is one of the most popular if inflatable toddler bed because it is so accommodating. A comfortable sound sleep for your child is a primary consideration even when traveling is the main concern of most parents and this bed is the perfect travel bed that meets that standard. The Shrunks brand is the perfect answer for travel, camping, sleepovers, road trip and many more activities that is away from your home. This inflatable air bed is very comfortable and durable. When purchasing this wonderful bed, you will be given an electronic pump, a carrying bag, & a repair kit for small punctures. You can easily inflate this bed and deflate it as well. Even though this inflatable bed is popular and is well made, this is also affordable.

Most popular toddler Travel bed Inflatable:

  • The Shrunks Indoor Travel bed

This is currently my fave among the other inflatable beds cause this stroller is compact & lightweight making it very easy to carry around. It is foldable making it very ideal for your childs 1st trip.

Aside from many safety features offered by this toddler bed, it also has good air ventilation, firm and tightly fitted bottom sheet. For the childs comfort, having an excellent air circulation and good moving space is important so that they won’t feel crammed and caged. This bed meets those standards. Another great thing about this inflatable travel bed is htat the mattress are machine washable and can be removed very easily. Last thing I love about this bed is the security it offers with the tubular steel frame that is sturdy and will assure me that my child will not fall off.

  • AeroBed Sleep Tight Mattress for Kids

This is the highly recognized inflatable beds available now. Among the claims that makes it one of the est is that the beds sleeping surface is soft and comfortable for your little one. Another claim is that the beds design will last for a long time. It might look simple but this is very comfortable and will make your kids fall asleep fast. When you purchase one, you will be given a carrying bag, an air pump. Inflating this bed takes just a short time for about a minute. If you want a bed that is comfortable, affordable and really durable, I strongly recommend this one.

  • Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed

When you are looking for bed that is way ahead of its league, then this is the one you would want. This inflatable bed is convertible and can be used to serve various needs as your child grows bigger. It is portable, very light, foldable and Velcro straps are used to secure it well. To provide childs comfort, the mattress is filled with lots of soft padding for really good experience in sleeping. Another good feature is that the whole mattress is surrounded by outer bumpres that helps secure your child in the middle of the bed and avoiding him/her from falling off the bed.

This inflatable toddler bed can also serve as a lounger. The padding and covering are washable and removable. Also there is no need to bring another sheet because this bed is provided with enough sheet for your kids comfort.

  • Intex Kidz Portable Travel Bed

This is one of the most innovative travel toddler bed because of its unique feature that allows the inflatable bed to fits in to the surrounding inflated frame. The bed is separated from the frame, this makes it very easy to fit a crib sheet to the inflated bed. The frame serves as a rail and prevents your child from falling off the bed. This is among one of the most popular reason why this inflatable bed is really popular in the market.

Another cool feature of this bed is its surface. The surface is tender to the touch and is soft. The weight that this bed can accommodate is about 40 lbs.

An inflatable bed is mostly preferred not just for comfort but it is easy to setup. You can inflate and deflate it really fast and just tuck in inside the carrying bag for storage and for carrying around.

The Intex bed is also not too expensive and you don’t have to break the bank just to get one.

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