Learning tips for beginner longboard riders

New in longboarding? As a beginner, there are so many things that you need to know and learn. First, do not wish for the most expensive longboard. Get a longboard for beginners where you can have a great experience of its relevant features. Of course, do not forget to consider the quality of the longboard that you are going to buy. At the moment, do not think too much about all the skills that you need. Do not be excited to learn in advance because you have to practice and master the basic skills first. Sooner or later you can be a professional without even noticing it.

Having the best longboard 400

When it comes to the best longboard to buy for a beginner, a few factors are considered. It will be good to know about the components of your longboard. Do not forget about the durability of the board or deck, the wheels, the bearings, the width and the length.

Let’s take a quick look at your deck. This is the board where you are going to stand, your platform. It varies in size, shape and materials used. Everything will depend on your choice. It comes in two styles, the Drop Through and the Top Mount. The styles is how your truck is mounted into your deck. With the Drop Through Board, you will have holes where you will drop your trucks. It reduces leg and foot strains when pushing and reduces leverage that allows you to have a more stable longboarding. With the Top Mount, your deck is mounted on the top of your trucks. This will allow you to have a tighter turn and more space for your foot.

How about the shape of your deck? We have the Wheel Cutout are versatile and prevents wheel bites, which are ideal for cruising, down hilling, free riding, dancing, carving and pushing; Double Kick or Popsicle has kick tails on both ends that helps the rider to lock their feet onto the deck and it also provides leverage for your freestyle tricks, it is ideal for freestyling, down hilling, cruising and free riding; Pintail looks like a surf board and it is ideal for cruising, down hilling, carving and dancing; and Single Kick, having one tail and ideal for cruising and free styling.

When it comes to the materials of the deck, choose the one that is made of bamboo or maple wood. Some decks are also made of carbon, polycarbonate or aluminum materials. Choose the material depending on your purpose.

Basic Skills that a beginner must know

Before starting to ride on your longboard, have you enrolled some classes about how to longboard for beginners? The first thing that you need to practice is on how you are going to ride and then, master the basic skills. After that, you can learn stunts and tricks. You may watch some videos and tutorials about how to longboard for beginners, but it is different when you are already in the scene.

One of the skills that you must know is the Pushing, where you must push yourself onwards. It has two styles. The Normal Style, where you push through your back leg and the Mongo Style where you push through your front leg and swinging your body to get onto the board.

We also have the Cruising and the Curving Skills. Cruising simply means riding on your board and start kicking. In Curving, you must be at a moderate speed. You will just need to make turns from one side to another side of the road. Here, you have to learn to control your speed.

Lastly, how do you think will you stop your longboard? One way of stopping the longboard is called, the foot braking. You can do this by taking your back foot dragging slowly on the ground.

Those are just some of the tips that a beginner must learn. Practice makes perfect. So, you do not need to rush things. Time will pass and you will not even notice that you have turned out into a professional longboard rider. Beginners will not always be a beginner. They have to prove something to people that they are learning and growing.

Prince is currently in a beginner to intermediate level in longboarding. He had been struggling to find the best longboards for everybody. He did a thorough research and studies and now, he wanted to share everything he knows about longboards.”

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