Tips in Buying a kayak’s trolling motor for outdoor activities

When it comes to outdoor activities, fishing is considered to be a challenging, but a hobby to enjoy. It takes some time learning about how to catch fish. You may learn some techniques and ways on how you can easily catch one. Aside from your powerful fishing reel, it could have been better if you will have the best boat to use for your fishing.

There are fishing goers who sail with their kayaks as they catch fish. Fishing will be a success if you have the right equipment to use. You have to give your best shot and come with a kayak trolling motor. Other items are also needed, such as planer and spreader boards, out and down riggers and para vanes. But, the most essential part of your kayak is trolling motor.

The kayak trolling motor gives power to your kayak. It also contributes to your potential in catching fish. Let’s say that this motor acts as energizers because it gives you the stamina to move faster. And then, since you do not need to paddle, of course, you have the chance to catch fish in a larger area.

Factors to consider in buying a trolling motor

Size of the kayak

This is important because the size of the kayak must comply with the power of the motor, which comes in 12, 24 and 36 volts.

Space for the battery

Three batteries are required. So, this will again has something to do with the size of the kayak.


Most motors are fine with fresh water. You have to know if the trolling motor is built with corrosion-resistant material, if you would like to use it in salt water.


You mount a hand-operated transom-mounted type of motor at the back of the boat. While the bowmounted type are operated by hand, foot or wireless-controlled.


Transom and bow mounted types of motors must have an identified measurement of your kayak. The required shaft length will depend on the kayak’s measurement.

Best Trolling Motor Reviews

We have here brief reviews of the kayak trolling motor on the market for your options.

On top is the Minn Endura C2Freshwater Trolling Motor. It comes with 12V power, 6 inch telescoping handle, Tilt Twist Tiller and lever security bracket. It is also designed with various speeds for your max control, such as 5 forward and 3 reverse.

Next, we have the Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Trolling Motor. It comes with telescoping handles, Tilt Twist Tiller, a composite shaft and 12V quiet power. It is also designed with various speeds for your max control, such as 5 forward and 3 reverse.

We also have the Saturn Soft-Shaft Electric Trolling Motor. It comes with handles that extends up to 13.8 inches, adjustable depth collar, up or down folding throttle handle, composite shaft, 12V power and max draw of 50 Amp. It is also designed with various speeds for your max control, such as 5 forward and 3 reverse. It weighs 17 pounds.

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