All Types Of The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

New golfers often feel complicated to strike the ball constantly, which may be a result of using the wrong clubs for their skill levels. When you don’t have any experience, you will need clubs offering the highest forgiveness as well as the consistency and distance so as to improve your performance. The guide below provides for you all clubs of the bag and types that help you keep the power and consistency in making strikes.

The best golf clubs for beginners include a variety of types and generally one set includes 12 to 17 clubs. They are irons, a driver, hybrid clubs, fairway wood, sand wedge, a putter, and pitching wedge. Here you can find some information about all essentials you should consider buying the ideal golf clubs or golf set for newbies.

The club head

A good offset club head is a good tool to help you avoid hitting the ground when you’re making a shot. It also has the hands so that you can slightly control it toward and so the problems of hitting the green before striking the ball are prevented. If your club head includes the adjustable weighting construction, it allows you to easier make particular swing movements.

The fairway wood

If you intend to make a shot on the rough surfaces or fairways, choosing a wood or a hybrid is useful since they have more lofts and are set to the low gravity center. Using them, you can simpler to make the ball fly high and far from the shots. Moreover, they also will keep the ball straight in line instead of the curve too much in the air.

The beginner driver

You should choose the driver with a larger head so you have the greater hitting area and club face. Besides that, the extra loft from 12 to 15 degrees will make the shots higher. Also, it helps raise the backspin and decrease the chances of right or left curves.

The putter

Beginners often have problems of putting and commonly they need three putts to achieve the goal. Certainly, you become better after many times of practices. The most difficult thing is analyzing the distances to putt well. You should use the great alignment construction to keep the head toward the ball and then putting becomes easier.

Traditional blades

They are ideal choices for the professional putters since they offer the highest feel and touch and so beginners are more difficult to control them. You can consider the mallet putter within an offset which includes lines on the head so that you can line up the putt easier than using traditional shafts.

The irons

Using specific designs for beginners is a good idea for making more constant shots. You can consider perimeter weighting, a wider sole, a low gravity center, and cavity back. The selection can range from the sand wedge to pitching wedge. The wider sole and cavity back make the irons more forgiveness.

The sand wedge provides more bounce and loft for strikes in the sand or on the rough floors. The bounce is a great feature of the club sole and it guides your club to move easily and smoothly through sand or rough.

The golf club set for beginners

When you are looking for the first or second club set, you need to choose it wisely. It’s not necessary to go around and spend a lot of money on very new club sets. You should practice in a few years before owning a modern version. To avoid wasting your money, you should start golfing with cheap products or a golf club set ranging from 200 to 300 dollars. Buying the second-hand clubs is also a good idea.

Totally, the best golf clubs for new golfers are something that will encourage the maximum forgiveness as well as improving your ability to hit the ball. With this purpose, you should choose larger club including an oversized sweet spot. The larger hitting area will reduce the chance of making a miss. Also, when you choose irons for beginners, considering the perimeter weighting is a must since it will raise the sweet spot of the clubface, increase the forgive feature, and guide the straight hit more constantly. Finally, consider your budget and check out all your needs before making a payment.


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