The Yoga of Drawing

Uniting body, mind, and spirit in the art of drawing

Being: the Meaning of Yoga

Taken from the Sanskrit, the word yoga means union, and every form of yoga has as its fundamental intention to bring together body, mind, and spirit as one unit in the present moment. As in all Eastern inner arts, the supreme goal of this endeavor is the bliss of being, as opposed to the toil of doing. It is the experience of the eternal, of the timeless, of the unity underlying all things, and it is believed to be achieved whenever body, mind, and spirit are one.

Yoga quite literally means “yoking the mind,” historically represented by a graphic image of oxen with their yokes, ready to work under guidance of their master. It is an image that captures the essence of the task at hand in drawing, which is to bring the powerful potential of thinking mind’s awareness into a supporting role for the body. In yoga, balance is essential, and the performance of the body in movement or posture cannot be accomplished without the mind’s full presence. In yoga, the body is master, and mind, the valuable servant. Continue reading The Yoga of Drawing

What Yoga Can Do For You

Fitness trends come and go, but after 6,000 years yoga is still going strong. No wonder. When practiced correctly and consistently, yoga tunes up your body and sharpens your mind. Just ask Jill Winger.

The Portland, Oregon, high school sophomore is involved in two sports year-round and maintains a 4.0 grade point average. Some credit, she says, goes to the yoga classes she attends twice a week.

“Yoga helps me release tension and keeps me in shape to do sports,” says Jill. “I’m much more limber and relaxed.” Yoga looks easy, but don’t be fooled. “It’s not your typical workout. When I think about a workout, I think about breathing hard and running so fast at track that you feel like you’re going to faint. Yoga is different. It really works your muscles and makes you stronger.” Continue reading What Yoga Can Do For You