What Yoga Can Do For You

Fitness trends come and go, but after 6,000 years yoga is still going strong. No wonder. When practiced correctly and consistently, yoga tunes up your body and sharpens your mind. Just ask Jill Winger.

The Portland, Oregon, high school sophomore is involved in two sports year-round and maintains a 4.0 grade point average. Some credit, she says, goes to the yoga classes she attends twice a week.

“Yoga helps me release tension and keeps me in shape to do sports,” says Jill. “I’m much more limber and relaxed.” Yoga looks easy, but don’t be fooled. “It’s not your typical workout. When I think about a workout, I think about breathing hard and running so fast at track that you feel like you’re going to faint. Yoga is different. It really works your muscles and makes you stronger.” Continue reading What Yoga Can Do For You

A New Direction For Weight Loss


People can improve their food habits by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and foods low in fat. They will likely start to lose weight after starting such a diet and focus should be on eating nutritious foods for health reasons, not losing weight. Exercise should be treated the same way.

Think for a minute of the foods you would eat if you were interested only in health. Weight loss is of no more interest to you than a primary election for Recorder of Deeds.

What would top your shopping list? Continue reading A New Direction For Weight Loss